Think 💭like a queen👑

Women — There’s a bird caught in a cage somewhere and she sings the sweetest song. A natural beautiful sound; the Man tells her she’s singing it wrong. She’s singing, it’s sinning; bird, stop. She’s singing, he’s spinning, then stop… and a crack… his mind snaps in his hands. Some will never understand the strength […]

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My college 😍

Acharya institute of technology       College days are the most enjoyable part of a student’s life. They fill you with thrill and excitement. This phase of life opens new avenues of opportunities for the students. Students get exposed to a world they have never experienced in their school days. With college, comes a new […]

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Set ur goals high

If you observe the sketch its an wolf looking at the moon…!!!! Lone Wolf I change like night and day So don’t get caught up in the moment For It’s just for a moment I may ran away and hide, in the thick of the forest But promise not to be alarmed I’m fine all […]

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